Our Founder,
Jon Harry Bayouth

“The party planners favorite party planner.”

Ziegfield’s Entertainer & Music Legend, Ray Charles, with Jon Harry Bayouth

Highly regarded as a purveyor of fine food and true visionary, “award winning” event producer, entrepreneur, and founder of Industry Events, Inc., Jon Harry Bayouth, has built a reputation for masterfully crafting and directing the ideal company event.

Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jon Harry was a natural charmer and born leader.  To boot, Mr. Bayouth was blessed with a sales prowess that cannot be taught and only gets stronger, every day.  Furthermore, Jon Harry’s addiction for hard work was and still is equally impressive, as his sales talent.  Jon Harry learned, at a very young age, the business essentials of product knowledge, honest business, and charisma, thus accelerating a true entrepreneurial spirit that has endured his entire life.  Mr. Bayouth’s parents, Harry and Margaret Louise Bayouth, taught him how to love and respect his fellow man, no matter the difference.  Jon Harry’s affinity for people helped initiate and spark his passion for his lifelong long career in the service and hospitality industry.

Jon Harry Bayouth.   “The Party Planners Favorite Party Planner.”

After graduating from Oklahoma State (where he was voted, “Big Man on Campus”, and inter-fraternity president, his senior year) with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Jon Harry began his illustrious career working in the cabaret room for the Hilton Hotel in his hometown of Tulsa.  Mr. Bayouth’s natural production talent was quickly recognized and he was soon promoted to manager of the cabaret, overseeing a 400-seat dinner theater, complete with fine dining and entertainment.  Along with dinner, Jon Harry produced and presented live performances by famous stars such as Tina Turner, Della Reese, The Four Tops, and many others.

Jon Harry Bayouth’s Daughter, Brittani, Ziegfield’s Performer & Entertainment Legend, Suzanne Summers, and Brittani’s Friend, Stephanie.

Not forgetting his entrepreneurial spirit, Jon Harry eventually became his own boss and in the late seventies, Mr. Bayouth opened, Ziegfield’s, “The Showroom of the Stars.”  An instant success, Ziegfield’s become the hottest ticket in Tulsa, to boot, the entire Midwest.  Although only in his early twenties, Jon Harry used his personality and raw production talent to attract and book legendary entertainers to a city, outside of Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.  A few of these legendary Ziegfield’s performers, who Jon Harry had the honor of promoting and working with include, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, BB King, Ray Charles, Loretta Lynn, Frankie Vale, George Carlin, Greg Alman, Leon Russell, Little Richard, The Pointer Sisters, The Righteous Brothers, and The Temptations, just to name a few.


After a legendary run in Tulsa, Jon Harry pursued his lifelong dream of showcasing his talent to the Western United States, in particular Los Angeles, California.  Mr. Bayouth has always stated he was destined for the, “City of Angels”.  Jon Harry’s first Western residence was in Denver, Colorado, constituting the corporate party planning aspect of his career, by producing company events, in the thousands, for organizations such as IBM and Martin Marietta.  In 1990, Jon Harry made his dream a reality by moving his family to Los Angeles, California, hence beginning his historic and current run as one of Southern California’s legendary event producers.  His extensive entertainment and production experience matched by his natural creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness has enabled Industry Events to be a corporate event production and party planning juggernaut.

With decades of event dexterity, Jon Harry Bayouth differentiates himself from other event planners as each party is approached from a production standpoint.  This special skill set, thus, assures all elements of your company party be expertly handled, therefore, creating a seamlessly flawless event.  To boot, with Jon Harry’s love for the culinary arts, our chefs create some of the finest catered food in the country.

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