“….the service was impeccable, the food was as many referred to it as ‘the best bbq I have ever had’, and there were no lines!”

City of Beverly Hills, Greystone Estate

The pleasure of tasting the difference!”
Owners, Jon Harry & Margot Dean Bayouth, with Head Chef, Margarito Cid.



For close to four decades, our owners and food enthusiasts, Jon Harry and Margot Dean Bayouth, along with Head Chef, Margarito Cid, have been recognized by their exclusive clientele, for creating exquisite food, with a touch of “comfort”.  Jon Harry, Margot Dean, and Chef Margarito have meticulously paved their way to become one of Southern California’s preeminent caterers.

Our entire staff care deeply about your event and take pride in consistently serving fresh & tasty, mouthwatering food.  Above all, eagerly providing a level of service unmatched in the industry.

Whether you’re hosting a formal sit- down dinner, on- site luncheon, grilling and/or barbecue, station buffets, or confectioneries, you name it, and we create it!

“when you feed people good food, their hearts and minds will follow…”



"The total-package, event caterer."

When choosing the caterer for your next company event or function, it is of the highest importance your food is, “simply the best”.  And, it is imperative every detail is pampered with perfect execution, while providing superior service.

Our clients consider us the “total package” caterer, with a consistency that stands above the rest.  Every single dish our chef’s create is a labor of love and dedication to the culinary arts.

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Homemade Menus, From Our Kitchen To Yours







Conceiving the appropriate catering menu, with savor, is a pleasure to your senses.  Please view a few of our catering menus, below, as we hope to create a menu designed just your event.